Though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we will make him run.
Blue, resist the urge to use facebook. You can do it. Good luck.
Cats and dogs can be friends. So can cowboys and indians. So can we.
Why try to be the best when there's no hierarchy in heaven?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Glob, Glob, Swim, Swim

I sometimes feel like that goldfish in a bowl who thinks he knows what's out there. What I'd better do is keep breathing and pray real hard that nobody wants to eat me. 

We use our powers of reasoning to unravel the mysteries of the universe. We wonder, we ponder, we philosophize, but has it ever occurred to you that maybe our mind isn't the right tool for the job? That maybe it's a bit like eating soup with a fork, only we think it's a spoon? Sure, sometimes eating soup with a fork is the best we can do. I know we're only human. I'm not saying we are stupid. I'm not saying that having a PhD or winning a Golden Globe for Best Alien Reboot is meaningless in the infinite blackness of space, especially since it has been discovered that the universe isn't infinite but, in fact, more like — surprise, surprise — a bowl. I need to remember that just because we happen to be this planet's dominant life-form and we have somehow deluded ourselves into thinking that climbing Mount Everest means something (that we 'defeated' it) that doesn't mean we're not the fish in the bowl.

Is there such a thing as a humble fish?

Well, I'm afraid I'm still far from humble. I've got a big mouth against my better judgment, and I like the fact that someone furry just wrote a book about me, even if the plot is far from flattering and my suit is as skinny as Sarah Jessica Parker on a good day — I like it nevertheless. I also think I should at least be eligible for everlasting life on the planet Earth, which I suspect the people from the future will be idly taking for granted like their iPhone 500. Those fuckers. Pardon my Swedish. I fail to soothe myself knowing that, unlike me, the average Elizabethan rarely lived long enough to celebrate his 45th birthday and that I'm not doing too bad.

I just have a long way to go, even if the road is short and narrow, and someone forgot to switch on the lights, maybe on purpose.

And you?

* * *

He thinks he knows what's out there...