Though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we will make him run.
Blue, resist the urge to use facebook. You can do it. Good luck.
Cats and dogs can be friends. So can cowboys and indians. So can we.
Why try to be the best when there's no hierarchy in heaven?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Signing Off

Well, this is it... your blue friend is signing off — ready, but fully unprepared, for a yearly month of unrelenting torture and jumping through hoops too small to accommodate the size of his butt when his boss tells him to. Where's my Tylenol? 

I don't relish the thought of having to work 60 hours a week again. It's called summer school. You may have heard of it, then blocked the idea of signing up for Blue's boot camp and booked a ticket to Bora instead. But that's just the way it is.

So this is goodbye for now. I will be rebooted.

* * *